What is the Ridley Certificate?

The Ridley Certificate is an online video Bible course for individuals and Bible
Study groups. Deepen your faith and expand your Bible knowledge.

How is it presented?

Join leading scholars from the Ridley Faculty and guests from around the world
for the video content. Discussion time follows in our group at Edge.
What time commitment is required?

Come and do just one subject for your own theology or complete 4 core subjects
& 6 electives to earn the Ridley Certificate of Bible and Ministry. Each subject has
six videos and an online quiz to complete at the end of the subject.
The group at Edge meets on Sunday evenings.

Does is cost money?

To complete the certificate, you must register for each subject (allows access to
the quiz). Currently each subject is $80. Financial support is available to anyone
as growing disciples of Jesus is a key mission of the church.

I’m interested… So what now?

Please speak to Stephen Savage to indicate your interest or ask any further questions.